"Like Father, Like Son" - A Photo Essay by Melanie Fiander

Special congrats to Jim's wife, Melanie, who recently had her first solo photography show at the Bermuda Society of the Arts in Hamilton.  Check out one of the photo essays she displayed about us, titled Like Father, Like Son. The essay is comprised of photographs she took of Jim and Blake. 

Fiander, Melanie,  Spray and Scrub,  2015.

Fiander, Melanie, Spray and Scrub, 2015.

As said by Melanie, "These two men have worked together on and off as deep-sea fishermen for several decades in Bermuda.  Their ability to work together both on the water and on land makes them a unique and well-respected father/son fishing duo.  While making a living off of the ocean, they maintain a conservative approach towards fishing.  In attempts to understand the minds of their fish, Blake and James move as the fish do.  Father and Son are up well before the morning light to assess the weather and seek out blue water. My photographs offer a “behind the scenes” look at Blake’s and James’ day-to-day life".